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Nov 18, 2010

Working Road Bikes

All of my road bikes are ready to ride. Took a bit, but everything is ready - road bike with two wheels, tri bike set for the trainer and cross bike ready for the crappy weather. After stealing the rear wheel from the road bike so I could race at Silverman, I needed to swap everything back. Original cassette back on the working road wheel so I could take that bike outside on good days. Took all the race components off the tri bike (chain, cassette and chain rings) and put the older drive train back on. Just need to clean the race drive train and pack it away for my next road tri (which might be a while). Then got the trainer tire on the faulty rear wheel so that bike is ready to take to CTS and do my indoor workouts. I figure that it doesn't matter if I can't coast right now - there's no coasting on trainers anyway! Last skinny tire bike needed pedals and a new saddle. I was hoping to sell the cross bike, but had no takers. So I'll use that bike for riding when the roads are gravely and not road bike friendly mid winter.

About the only bike related thing left to do (other then ride) is to single speed the Tomac. Yes, I am going to the dark side - trying to ride single speed over the winter. Nick has been racing and riding SS all year and he has noticed a signifigant increase in power. We are also hoping that I will be able to develop some better finess with the technical riding. Bulldozer is not the most equipment friendly methong of riding! I have noticed that SS riders do a much better job of energy conservation on the descents - not so much on the brakes and the excelerating. Work on some skills and get faster - that's the plan.

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  1. Welcome to the dark side! Once you go SS you never go back. I see a Lenz Milkmoney in your future.