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Nov 28, 2010

Night time trail run

I am not usually the type to try a trail run after dark. Haven't ever had the desire or a place to go running. Well, one of the 50k trail races that my mother has done the last few years is switching to a 5:00pm start time, in February. Most of the race will be held in the dark. She wasn't sure that it was something that she wanted to do and wanted to do a "test run." Same thing, didn't really want to try running alone in the dark. There are animals out there and right now, they are hungry! So I decided to run with her - the pace would be easy enough and the mileage low, so it wouldn't bother my Achilles. We went to CMSP, where it was pitch black on the lower trails. She had called the park earlier and had been told that the trails don't close and the park doesn't close. Makes sense since people camp there, but better safe then sorry. I had two lights I wanted to try because I am planning on using a light when I run in the evening now. I don't need to take a chance with a car not seeing me, despite all the reflective wear and bright clothes. Mom has her little light and off we went. It was a lot of fun, but not something I would want to do regularly. Maybe because I haven't been running in the dark at all, but I didn't feel comfortable trying to run fast all at. The little lights were good for running, but there wasn't much depth perception or changes in terrain - not like the Aemoba lights. (Which makes sense, since the Aemobas put out 400 lumens and the little head light only puts out 50 lumens!)

What I didn't like was the erie stillness. I know there is wildlife there - I've seen turkey, deer, skunks and bobcats. My light wasn't enough to penetrate far into the darkness and I aways had the sense that something was watching us. So I was talking up a storm, just making noise. It was a pretty one sided conversation though - was running a little faster then Mom wanted. But it was a good, easy run and I think she's going to try the night 50k next year.

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  1. Found your blog a few weeks ago. I really enjoy your posts.