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Apr 23, 2009

Bike repairs

One good thing about recovery days is they allow for time for bike repairs and cleaning. I was having serious issues with the shifting on the cassette during the Fruita races, so Nick and I decided that it was time to recable the front and rear deraileurs on Tuesday. I decided that I was also going to spend some quality time cleaning the bike while I was waiting for Nick to get home. When I took apart the rear deraileur and started cleaning the fly wheels, I was shocked. The bottom fly wheel was fairly clean, but the top one was just caked in grease and grime. I could hardly get it to spin in my hands, it was so filthly. Nick took one look at it when he got home and just shook his head, saying I'd lost a good chunk of time in the Fruita races because of lack of cleaning. Not that five minutes would have changed my finish place, but it was good lesson. I really need to be more aware of my equipment. We did get the re-cabling finished and changed the handle bars as planned. When I did my bike fit, I was told to try a set of bars with a greater amount of sweep to get my hands into a more efficent postion. We took the bikes to Cheyenne Mountain State Park yesterday for a test ride. No issues - everything is shifting beautifully and the bike seems much easier to pedal. Amazing what a good cleaning will do. I really liked the new bars - I felt that I was able to get more power from my upper body when needed and could stand up while climbing better.

Starting to get nervous - leaving for Lake Las Vegas soon and I don't feel like I'm ready for a triathlon right now. No practice with transitions at all, haven't even been in the wetsuit this year.

Apr 21, 2009

Rabbit Valley Rally

Busy weekend. We drove out to Fruita for the MSC Rabbit Valley Rally on Friday.
We were lucky - we actually made it out to the race site, unlike half the field for the Saturday Time Trial. A late snow storm blew in and closed the interstate Friday afternoon. But it was a blast. The course for the TT was just plain fun. A long climb up and then a twisting, rolling descent into the finish. Nick said that he could just ride that all day. I finished second in the Women's Cat 1 for the TT.
The Cross Country race on Sunday was also fun. I've never ridden in Fruita so it was a new experience for me. The single track on the mesa was challenging - I could never get into a good space and just ride. There were also plenty of sections that had some consequences if you messed up. I'll love to go out and spend a week riding in that area. I finished second in the XC, and found some things to work on - like the start.
It was really hot the whole weekend. Nick got one of those Camelbak RacerBak shirts and was happy he did. I don't think that anyone was ready for that kind of heat, not after driving through snow to get to the race site.
Some photos

Apr 14, 2009

Operation Rebound

Last year I was inspired to help raise money for Operation Rebound and Challenged Athletes Foundation after seeing the drive and will to succeed theses outstanding athletes exhibited at the Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 triathlon last year. Thanks to my bad luck, I had the honor to watch several men and women from CAF competing on the same course and struggling with the same bad weather, but also dealing with physical limitations I could not imagine. And for these athletes, there was more heart and soul on display in fighting for the finish line then I had seen before.
When I met the athletes participating in the 2008 Silverman through Operation Rebound, I was amazed. They had all been dealt a horrible hand, but had picked up the pieces and were moving on with their lives. The physical limitations alone would sideline most athletes. And yet, because of the support of CAF, it was time to move on, to push through the physical disability and the “I can’t” mentality. The motivation to prove that devastating injuries don’t mean the end of an active, competitive life was evident in talking with the athletes. Operation Rebound and CAF made that possible.
This year, I’m raising money for Operation Rebound again and I need your help to reach my goal. Please consider making a donation to support these outstanding athletes.

Apr 13, 2009

Snowy Incline Hike

I'll get more about the hike later, but here are some pictures from our workout on Sunday - hiking the incline in the snow.

Apr 10, 2009

Silverman Photos

For anyone thinking about doing Silverman Full or Half Distance this year, take a look at the photos from the race last year on Flickr. There are some really nice ones that capture the power of the race.

Apr 4, 2009

Long run inside

The weather has been bad this week, making planning workouts difficult. I originally wanted to do 18 miles, increasing the pace each six. Because of the chances of snow and since I had to go into work for a few hours on Saturday, I planned to do the run then and ride on Sunday. Well, woke up to 45mph wind gusts, temperatures in the mid 20s and clouds spitting snow. So I packed my bag and headed to 24 hour fitness with the goal to complete the planned workout.
I haven't been running inside as much this year as the last few years so I knew that I might not get the full distance in. If you're not used to the heat and the stuffiness of the gym it's really hard to want to run for two plus hours. I actually was surprised. I started feeling really overheated about 12 miles in and decided I was finished at 15 miles. Even slowing down wasn't working to cool off. My hair was soaked and my tank top was dripping. So I called it a day. Not as far as I wanted, but it was good heat training and a solid run.

I wore a pair of tri shorts for the run because I've had some serious issues with chafing in the past. I think that the tri shorts might be a little hotter then regular shorts because of the amount of fabric on the legs, but even with the length of the run and the amount I was sweating, I didn't have any chafing issues. That was a relief. It also worked really well to rub some Beljum Budder into the seams of the shorts. I've used it in the past for my long rides, but this was the first time I used it for a long run. Hopefully, the clothing experiment during this run will elimate the chafing during other long runs and marathons. Won't do anything about the tan lines on my legs though.