Christopher Bean Coffee
Live your passion, love your coffee - the perfect slogan for a company passionate about the perfect cup of coffee. From dark roasts like the Roubaix to the more mellow Breakfast Blend, there's a coffee to suit anyone's tastes. The flavored coffees like the Cinnamon Stick Amaretto are scrumptious. Christopher Bean supports coffee farmers around the world and roasts each batch to order. The flavors are non GMO.
Now is the time to make a passionate cup of coffee - use Thelen25 as a 25% off code on your first order!

The staff at the shop is easy to talk to, knowledgeable and responsive. They carry our favorite bicycle brand - Specialized - along with a few other high quality brands. They have everything from commuter bikes to the latest tech for your dream racing machine on the shop floor, as well as helmets, shoes and many other accessories (Specialized shoes, Smith helmets, and awesome Gore Bikeware.) They also typically have that small part you are looking for; from that broken brake lever thanks to the last crash to a buckle for those perfectly fitted shoes in the shop. If it's something they have to order, they are quick to take care of it. Stop in and say hi, and let them take care of you.

Skratch Labs
All natural hydration is just a small part of what Skratch Labs is about. Real food alternatives based on science and hydration that reflects what's actually lost in sweat. I've been using Skratch Labs for years and my gut has never been happier. Add in the Feed Zone family of cookbooks and you've got everything covered - from breakfast to training and then to the dinner table with friends.

Swiftwick Socks
Socks don't matter, right? Wrong! Socks provide the protection and connection to the ground and the pedals. The right socks can make the difference in comfort, warmth, compression and blister prevention. At Swiftwick, with 100% USA made socks, there is something for everyone - from super thin Aspire zeros for running, Aspire 12s for compression, Pursuit wool for wet and winter conditions and the cushioned Maxus line. Blisters have been a thing of the past despite the conditions I've been riding and running in - #happyfeet isn't just a slogan. Chase Adventure - It fits you!

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