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Camping fail

It's not something that's happened before - heading out for a weekend of riding and fun only to return home that same day. But that's what happened last weekend. A number of factors kept adding up and finally I was done. Time to head home and admit defeat. So what happened?

It was already hot when we got up. The van was mostly packed, so all we had to do was load the cooler and the bikes and take off. We had a plan, but didn't know how well it would pan out. Being FIBark weekend in Salida, we knew it was going to be crazy crowded. So we would avoid the full insanity of down town and park at the top of S-Mountain for our pedal up to Cottonwood. We could hear the announcers for the Kayak races while we got ready to ride. I was wishing we were down playing in the river instead of riding. It was that hot out. There were no goals on the ride but to have fun. Still, when we started riding up Little Rattler, I felt like crap. My legs were heavy, I was already tired and my HR …

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