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Sunshine on my shoulders - Growler 2018

I have never seen the sun shining so brightly at 6:59 on the Sunday before Memorial Day as I did this year. Yet there we were, 300 strong, ready to take on the rocks of the Original Growler and there was nary a knee warmer to be seen. For Gunnison, it was down right warm! I still had my wind jacket on to keep a bit of the chill away while I waited, but I knew it would be coming off quickly. It was going to be a hot day, with the race turning into a test of hydration and heat management. But that would come later. First I had to survive the neutral start and Kill Hill.

One of my biggest worries going into Growler this year was the 28 front chain ring. I knew it was the right choice for the trails and technical riding, but the start terrified me more then normal. If I wasn't in a good position at the top of Kill Hill, it would be hard to move up before Josho-Os and the first technical riding. I was worried that I would be spun out and not able to keep up as we sped up Gold Basin Roa…

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