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Go Till it Hurts...

Last year was the year of distance - I finally ran my first ultra and finished my 50 mile race. This year? Because of my eye, any distance plans I might have had for the year quickly evaporated. Something about not running for three weeks and then having to build back up while trying to avoid jarring... So that leaves one option! If I can't go long, I'm gonna seriously focus on my speed. And focusing on my speed means short and hard - the two things I struggle with and have struggled with even more since my 50. The furthest I've been able to run since March has been 5 miles. I started with a mere two miles - just to test things out. Then it was three miles, three times a week for a few weeks. Since that's all I was doing, I figured that I might as make it quality. Which meant running a little faster then I usually do and really pushing the pace during the intervals. Even the intervals were shorter then what I would normally run - five minutes or less. When you're o…

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