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Conflicted on Goals

March - normally by now I've gotten my entire event schedule planned out, with goals for the season. This year has been a little different. I still haven't quite gotten the plan down other then Growler and a few small running races. Part of the problem is there is so much to choose from - a race or fun sounding event nearly every weekend.... And what do I want to focus on? After a year of mostly cycling, should I maintain that momentum so I'm even stronger for 2019? Or maybe a mental break off the long rides and return to some running fun? So many questions.

I find myself torn between sports this year. The riding focus last year was great and really what I needed after the effort of the 50m race. But I find myself seeming stuck in a rut as this year starts - same races, same rides, same trails. While I love the Growler and the atmosphere around that race, I don't find myself looking forward to it right now. And after that, still so undecided. Five would be nice, but ma…

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