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Into the Snowglobe

Time for an escape and unplugging from the world. No better place for that then a hut isolated in the snow globe high up in the mountains We decided to try a different hut this year - Fritz's Cabin, to the North East of Aspen. We were able to book the cabin for the nights we wanted without any issues and because it was during the week, we were the only ones there! It was a small group - Nick and I, Todd and Amber and Ian Since it was a fairly long haul into the hut (6.2 miles, 3000 feet of gain), we decided to stay in Glenwood Springs Sunday night. Might as well get the drive done with Sunday so we weren't rushed Monday morning. Amber had the great idea of going to the Yampah Vapor Caves after we checked into the hotel and managed to convince everyone that we really needed to go. Nick is always up for steaming hot but Todd and I were a harder sell. In the end, it was a great start to the trip. We started the trek up just after noon, not really realizing how hard and long of …

Shutting the bar down

I'm sure it's something on many bucket lists - shutting the bar down. Hasn't even been on my list of things to do before I die - after all bed time is a sacred thing to me. So when Nick and I headed to Fieldhouse Brewing Co for the third annual New Years New Beers party, I figured we'd have a pint or two and then head home and go to bed. I did have a race the next morning after all! Well, with a list of beers that made even me excited and with two new ones for Nick, my first half pint quickly became a few more. Everything was just so good and there were so many cool people! We watched one, then two, then several more of the 10 new beers tap out as we hung out. Soon enough, it was midnight and Happy New Years! And then Ben was rolling the empty kegs out the door... whoops! Way past my bed time and I had a race in the morning!

Another first - showing up to the first race of the year still slightly hung over... we parked at the Stables so I could get a bit of a warm up in…