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Soaking up Zen

After spending Sunday night with the Steamboat/HoneyStinger crew it was time to start the vacation proper. We'd finished the race and were both upright and able to pedal. Bikes needed some love and attention and we were almost out of food. Next step? Condo in St George for a few nights to resupply, shower and get ready for some more fun! We were staying at a different place this time, right at the trailhead for Barrel Ride and Zen trails. Perfect location and very convenient for everything we wanted to do. I could run easy on the roads or drop down into the trail system for something a little more fun and challenging. We could ride right from the door and hit up the best trails without getting in the van. And we were able to get everything cleaned up from the race - the bikes, all the clothes and dirty dishes. Seriously, 24 hour races create a lot of clothes - and when the washer is and dry are tiny compact things, it takes a long time to get it finished... As such, Monday was a w…

Of Dust and Darkness

We should know by now. After three years of racing 25 Hours of Frog Hollow and then having an extended vacation of desert play time, we really should know better. Apparently, we are slow learners, because once again we headed south to St George with the goal of racing hard and playing hard. Our plan for the race was aggressive, we both felt recovered from Vapor 125 and we were even thinking about riding through the night this year! But that would all depend on how we felt and the weather.

Frog town seemed busier this year - with more RVs and tents sprawling across the mesa. Getting there early Thursday meant we had our choice of spots. We set up camp in the same spot as last year, protected from the wind by a large pile of rocks, but far enough away from the edge that we were still able to stake down the tents. The rocks that make the course so much fun mean staking down tents can be a bit of a challenge. We've learned that the hard way - having to use the rocks themselves as wei…