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Silencing the Shoulds

Today was one of those days. After a good ride yesterday and knowing that I should have kept going a little longer after my workout, I woke up to a dusting of snow and ice down low with several inches up in the mountains. At first, I had grand plans of heading out for a few hours on my fat bike. After all, that's what I have it for - so I can ride outside when the conditions are less then ideal. But as the day progressed, the motivation to bundle up gradually faded, made worse by the melting snow at home. It would be wet and cold and I'd need to spend time cleaning my bike after my ride. I spent much of the morning dealing with the "shoulds." I should have paid more attention to the weather and ridden longer yesterday. I should just buck up and head out in the snow, that's what all the tough athletes do. I should stop whining about the weather - I have clothes and gear for all conditions. I should have more confidence in my tolerance for crappy weather - after al…