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Race Report from Old Pueblo

Took me a bit of time, but I finally got the race report finished. It's a little long, but it's a long race! I also have photos at

I think I'm finally getting fully recovered from the race. My tempo run yesterday was decently fast, but I didn't wear the heart rate monitor. I'll start getting back into full on training next week. It didn't make sense to try to train through a 24 hour race and then just be shot for the entire month of March.

Race Report for 24 hours in the Old Pueblo – February 14/15 2009.
Coed Duo division
4th place, 16 laps

Racing in the coed duo division was our compromise. Nick had raced solo last year and wanted a better finish then last year. After 24 Hours in the Sage last year, I also wanted to try my hand at the solo division. Without a good support staff, there was no way that we could both race solo and neither one of us wanted to make to drive to support the other. So w…

24 Hours of Old Pueblo

Well, back from 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. We had a really fun trip and a decent race. Despite Nick getting the stomach flu, we still placed fourth among a highly competitive Co-Ed Duo group. We finished with 16 laps, two laps off first and one off second and third. I’ll have a full race report as well as photos on my website soon.

Champions of the SIlverman DVD

I got the DVD from Silverman this week. After watching the coverage from Kona in December, I was concerned that the DVD would be nothing but a pity party because of how hard Silverman is. Happily, I was wrong. Silverman is a challenging course, with over 9000 feet of climbing on the bike and 3000 feet of climbing in the run. The weather has also made the race difficult in the last three years, with 2008 being no different. The DVD – Champions of the Silverman brought the reality of the course to everyone watching. As someone who competed in the full distance triathlon, there was a little too much focus on the half, but that’s where the race was. Chris McCormack has participated in the half the last two years and the interview he provided on the DVD was really good. He really is an articulate speaker. Another major interviewee was Dave Scott. He did the swim and bike the first year of the race and has been a major figure in the race every year since. Having experienced the brutal hills…

Sunday Trail Run

I decided to do a trail run for my long run this weekend and take advantage of the decent weather. The cold front forecasted for Sunday didn’t materialize as drastically and the sun was still decently warm. Since this was an easy 16 miles, doing a trail run seemed like a good idea – get away from the cars and the people rushing round like crazy. Running on time in the woods is also a good way to make sure that the run is actually easy. No mile markers or split locations to tempt a faster then needed pace.
We’re also pretty lucky – just a few minutes out of town Cheyenne Mountain State Park ( has miles of trails for running and riding. It’s one of the newest state parks in Colorado and still really quiet. There are some technical trails in terms of rock gardens or climbs, some really good sustained climbs and generally rolling trails. It’s impossible to get lost even with the amount of trails and intersections. Every intersection is m…