Operation Rebound

Last year I was inspired to help raise money for Operation Rebound and Challenged Athletes Foundation after seeing the drive and will to succeed theses outstanding athletes exhibited at the Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 triathlon last year. Thanks to my bad luck, I had the honor to watch several men and women from CAF competing on the same course and struggling with the same bad weather, but also dealing with physical limitations I could not imagine. And for these athletes, there was more heart and soul on display in fighting for the finish line then I had seen before.
When I met the athletes participating in the 2008 Silverman through Operation Rebound, I was amazed. They had all been dealt a horrible hand, but had picked up the pieces and were moving on with their lives. The physical limitations alone would sideline most athletes. And yet, because of the support of CAF, it was time to move on, to push through the physical disability and the “I can’t” mentality. The motivation to prove that devastating injuries don’t mean the end of an active, competitive life was evident in talking with the athletes. Operation Rebound and CAF made that possible.
This year, I’m raising money for Operation Rebound again and I need your help to reach my goal. Please consider making a donation to support these outstanding athletes.


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