Rabbit Valley Rally

Busy weekend. We drove out to Fruita for the MSC Rabbit Valley Rally on Friday.
We were lucky - we actually made it out to the race site, unlike half the field for the Saturday Time Trial. A late snow storm blew in and closed the interstate Friday afternoon. But it was a blast. The course for the TT was just plain fun. A long climb up and then a twisting, rolling descent into the finish. Nick said that he could just ride that all day. I finished second in the Women's Cat 1 for the TT.
The Cross Country race on Sunday was also fun. I've never ridden in Fruita so it was a new experience for me. The single track on the mesa was challenging - I could never get into a good space and just ride. There were also plenty of sections that had some consequences if you messed up. I'll love to go out and spend a week riding in that area. I finished second in the XC, and found some things to work on - like the start.
It was really hot the whole weekend. Nick got one of those Camelbak RacerBak shirts and was happy he did. I don't think that anyone was ready for that kind of heat, not after driving through snow to get to the race site.
Some photos http://picasaweb.google.com/TracyThelen.triathlete/RabbitValleyRally#


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