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Nov 25, 2010

Lessons from Silverman - Part 3

Say Thanks!
(just in time for Thanksgiving)
We rely on volunteers for our sport. How many people actually take the time during a race to say thanks? We might be out there suffering in all kinds of weather, but so are the volunteers. Many races wouldn't happen without the selfless support of the volunteers and we need to treat them with respect and keep them coming back to help. On of my favorite memories of Silverman is of an older gentleman on the run course. He's been there all six years, at the same street corner, listening to his football games on the radio. He could be home, where it's warm, watching the games, but he's helping with the race. So at your next event, try to remember to say thanks to all the volunteers - we can help bring the volunteers back year after year and ensure that we have races to enjoy.

And how many athletes actually give a few hours of their time to help with a local race? It's a fun way to give back to the triathlon community and help support the racing scene. I've helped a lot at Silverman and other races and am always thankful that I have the time to give back. It also makes me feel like part of the race family, getting to know other athletes and volunteers. So if you're not racing, help those who are - with a smile and an encouraging word!

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