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Nov 24, 2010

Dragging in the water

My word - I am still having issues with finishing the workouts during the distance swims. I'm fine for a little at the normal intervals, but can't hold on for the entire set. I was feeling pretty good on Friday with the sprint workout, but not so much today. Wow - did the first third of the workout on the interval, then just died and went to the back of the lane. Didn't even finish the workout, despite moving to the back and chilling out for a while. It's starting to get a little frustrating. I know that I need to recover from Silverman and that the swim at that race was just a little longer then I'm used to racing, but still. I'm starting to get impatient! I want to get back up to speed and work on moving up a lane. That's my goal - move up a lane and improve my speed, both for sprints and the distance stuff.

There's also a few things that I need to get consistent with to get that increase in speed. The yoga and pilates that I've started doing (yay podcasts - yoga on my time, not 24 Hour Fitness's) will help with the flexibility and core strength. My dry-land exercises with the theraband for my shoulder. Those rotator cuff muscles can aways use a little love. So I need to take the time now, so I can get the time next year.

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