Murphy strikes again

So Saturday I head out for my last hard ride before Silverman. I notice on the first long downhill that my chain is occasionally slapping the chainstay when I am coasting. It's not too bad, but irritating. I figure that the chain is just a little loose, although it is the same chain cassete combo as last year and I did not have any problems when I last rode outside. It's worse on the next downhill, slapping really badly. After I get out of the Garden of the Gods, I have a chance to look at the rear wheel and chain. And the chain is tight. But the cassette is spinning just a little even when I coast. Not good. That means there is something wrong with the free wheel body. I get home and get the bike up on the stand. And it is seriously messed up. Nick looked at it when he got home and agreed with my assessment. Time to try and fix it. We spent three hours in the garage cleaning and rebuilding the free wheel body. And the cassette is still sticking. Time to move to plan B. Plan B is taking my rear wheel off my road bike and swapping cassette and tires. I am very lucky. I have the option of using my road bikes wheel instead of panicking and having to buy a new wheel. I am also lucky that Nick took the time to do the swap for me this morning. Now I just need to go for an easy ride and make sure it is all working. Hopefully all the bad luck is finished for the week.


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