Home from Nevada

That was a long drive home - always is. We got to see the new bridge over Hoover Dam, actually - we got to drive over it. After watching is being built for the last few years of heading out to Silverman, it was pretty cool to see. It also cut a huge chunk of time off the drive! We do normally go south after the race to avoid bad weather in the mountains and it proved smart once again. I saw some photos one of my facebook friends posted of semis sliding on Vail pass Tuesday night. Right about when we would have been trying to manage driving in the mountains. As it stood, we still had to put the bikes in the car - something about 30 mile per hour winds. Cross winds of course, and the car was getting blown around something fierce without the bikes on the roof! But finally, home safe and sound. Back to work and time to start thinking about training for the Xterras next year!


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