First Snow

For once the timing worked out great. Nick did his last epic ride of the year with the gang yesterdy. I got to play around in Stratton on the single speed. Felt a little better this time, a little smoother with the power. Still have a lot of work to do to get good at the single speed riding, but it will come. I also got to go for the night trail run last night on dry trails. A storm was supposed to blow in some time today, bringing more cold and the chance for snow. So Nick and I decided to ride Palmer-Section 16 trails instead of meeting the group at Palmer Park. Palmer-Section 16 is a long, shaded climb, then a fast technical but fun descent. The whole loo turns to ice after it snows so being able to ride it today was a treat. Espcially considering when I looked out the window and saw not only snow but gusting snow! I think trainer season is fast approaching. I was pretty pleased with my descent off Section 16 today. I have only ridden the trail one other time and that downhill really freaked me out then. While I did not clean the trail -missed one rock garden and two switch backs, I felt relaxed riding. I was still having my little conversations but I was not scared of the rocks and the trail. It was actually pretty fun!


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