Not ready for the cold

Okay, I had the best intentions when I got home from work today. The Tomac is all single-speeded and ready to ride and I was planning on heading to Stratton for a short bit and seeing what it was like. It was a little chilly, a little windy, but the sun was out. I could handle that kind of weather - just bundle up a little and off you go, right? Well, then the sun went behind the mountains. And the temperature started plunging. It was 50 when I got home and started thinking about riding. But when I went to get dressed? Already down to 36 degrees, without the sun and still windy. Not quite sure about riding in that kind of cold yet - and the temperature has dropped even further as I write this - now it's 30. Definitely not ready for sub-freezing!

It's a mental thing. I'm still a little tired from the race (slept in today instead of swimming and it felt good) and the thought of going out and suffering in the cold when a day off sounds like a great idea? Couldn't handle it. So I am being a lazy bum and the Single Speed initiation ride will have to wait. Maybe Wednesday I will feel more like bundling up and braving the cold. If not, there is always the spin bike!


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