Lessons From Silverman - Part 6

Plan for the Worst
In six years, we have seen all kinds of weather and conditions. After finishing the second year sporting the Chipolte burrito look of silver, I learned that despite my plans for perfect weather and fast times, things don't aways work out. I now ensure that I have clothes for all kinds of weather in my run bag when I drop it off and my bike bag in the morning. And I have needed that vest and the arm warmers in the bike bag a few times! Great fashion statement - I know, but it works. Having that extra layer saved my race in 2008, with the rain, hail and wind. So be optimistic, but make sure you can handle the worse case scenario. Like with racing and having to deal with an extra project at work, you need to be ready to handle anything and not let it upset the outcome of the event.


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