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Nov 17, 2010

Dirty 30 Duathlon

Saturday is a little early to start racing again, given that I've ridden twice and swum twice since Silverman and wasn't planning on running until after Thanksgiving. But this just sounds like fun. There is an off road duathlon at Bear Creek Regional Park this weekend and I've decided to do it. Maybe more compete then race, but I'll be out there, having a good time. It's a 5k trail run, 20k mountain bike with two stream crossings and 5k trail run. I think the course will be good - the trail runs are a bit tricky and hill and the mountain bike course has some technical sections, but not enough to discourage new riders. It will be a challenge for all ability levels, that's for sure. I'm also intriuged by the R-B-R set up. I have never done a duathlon before, so this whole thing will be new! Not having to fuss with the wetsuit will be nice, but I might not gain as much time in a run as I would in a swim. I need to sit down and think about what's going to happen at T1 - running shoes to cycling shoes, ect..

Nick is planning on volunteering for the race. He's going to be on course at the water crossing. Perfect place to be able to heckle everyone!

Check out the website if a fun, low-key duathlon sounds good for the weekend -

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