Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Okay so we are in Henderson, not Las Vegas. But we are here and the count down to Silverman is measured in hours now. It was a pretty easy drive this time. No issues at all. We stopped for a short ride at the Colorado National Monument on Wendesday. Great place to ride and a good place to get out of the car for a little. Normally I would have run a little today but I am still in damage control mode from the marathons. No need to stress things yet. There will be plenty of time for that on Sunday. It looks like a few busy days before the race. Another easy ride on the course tommorow. The other pro in the full race is staying at the same house as me and we might ride together. Or I might be to slow for him. But we will car pool to the start of the ride. Then I will help out at registration for a few hours. That should be fun. Getting to know some of the other athletes in the race and being able to put names with faces. It is also sitting down in the shade. Unlike last year when I was out in the sun all day! Pasta dinner friday night and pancake breakfast Saturday. Pre race meeting, short swim and bike check in. I am tired just looking at it. I need to make sure there is some nap time scheduled!


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