Lake Mead came out to play

I hosted an informal open water swim this afternoon at Boulder Beach today. Figured since I wanted to swim for a little and there was no swimming in Lake Las Vegas I could just do an open water swim. There was a small group but it was really nice. we all kept an eye on each other and it was a good, no stress swim. Having other people around made the open water less intimidating for everyone. At least untill Lake Mead came out to play. The water when we started was perfect and smooth. Since the tempurature was in the high 60s I decided not to fuss with my wetsuit. We all got in and started swimming. As we reached the turn around point the wind started to pick up. Then the water started getting a little choppy. No white caps but still rough. Not having the wetsuit on made the swimming in the choppy water a little more challenging. I will be wearing it tommorow for sure. The water temp is 69 right now and its a longer swim. My bike is sitting at T2 now. I have turned in my bike gear and my run gear. I can get at my bike gear if I need to in the morning. My run gear is long gone so hopefully I have remembered everything!


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