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Mar 19, 2010

Perfect Timing

Talk about good timing. This was the last hard week in my current training block and the weather has been perfect. I was able to do all my run workouts outside, even getting on the trails for a few runs. I also was able to ride outside after my workouts at CTS. It has been a nice change from the cold of February.
So yesterday after work, I decided to ride in Palmer Park and take advantage of the nice weather and evening light. It was great. I have not been to Palmer in long time, so it was like riding new trails. There was a little mud, but overall, a fun ride. I tried a few new lines and cleaned a few sections I'd not gotten before. My legs were really tired from the last few weeks, but the power is there. I am ready for a rest week, though,
The perfect timing is that I got the ride in and that Nick and I are going cross country sking this weekend, not riding. And what did we wake up to? Snow! So I have a recovery week and no long ride or run planned for the weekend. This time, the snow is not really messing with our plans. This time...

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