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Mar 26, 2010

Bi-polar weather

It's a good thing that this is a recovery week. There has been no consistancy in planning or being able to get outside and train. Last Friday, that storm blew thru and turned everything to ice. Then the sun came out and turned everything to mud. So no mountain biking at all this week. I was lucky, I did get off work early enough on Tuesday to go for a nice run in Palmer Park - was able to run in shorts. Most of the snow had melted and there was not that much mud, either. Then the next storm blew in that night. Wednesday morning, the roads were a mess. It wasn't too bad when I went swimming, but on my way home everything was a sheet of ice. This being Colorado, by 11:00, the sun was trying to come out and the roads were all melted. Another string of nice days and it was looking hopefull that we would be able to ride somewhere fun this weekend. At least until Friday afternoon. I left work in Pueblo and hit the rain almost immediatly. As I got further north, the rain got heavier and then turned to snow! So riding in Pueblo is out this weekend. Maybe when April starts, the weather will start behaving. I need to get on the trails and get ready for Vegas!

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