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Mar 22, 2010

Snow sport weekend

How is it that even a weekend off the bike, out of the water and with no running can leave me darn sore and tired? We headed up to visit friends in Black Hawk and Golden over the weekend and spent some time playing in the snow. The drive was not the best - the storm Friday night really made a mess of the roads. I have never seen that many cars off in the ditch while driving on I-25. Typical stuff - driving too fast, over correcting, slamming on the brakes - all thinks you shouldn't do while driving on ice. Oh well, the tow truck drivers were getting some economic stimulous from the snow.

Once we got up to Black Hawk, we headed out for a nearly three hour hike with Paul, Dan and Leslie. We had been planning on snow shoeing, but the trail was pretty well packed down and there was no need for the shoes. But it was a great hike. The weather was perfect, the trail was nice and just hanging out with friends made it even better. Watching Syman (the dog) play in the snow was hillarious. He was having so much fun just running around like a crazy man. I wish I had half that much energy!

Sunday, we went to Eldora for some cross country skiing. I don't ski that much, so each time I get on the skis, it's like learning all over again. I also stick with classical - no need to confuse my brain with the skate technique. Eldora has a fun nordic center - there is a good mix of hills, fast descents and easier terrain. We meandered all over, just having fun. By the time I'd figured out the technique again, I was starting to get pretty tired. Took one elegant spill right in front of Nick. We called it a day after 2.5 hours.

And now I'm sore, in places I'm not usually sore! Good thing this is a recovery week and I don't have to worry about hard bike or run workouts. I was dragging at the pool this morning - had to head to the back of the lane!

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