Half and Half weekend

We decided to take a chance on Peublo this again weekend. The weather was supposed to be nice both days and my co-workers said that they hadn't gotten much rain or snow from the storm on Wendesday. I got up early to swim at the Saturday Masters practice. That was a good workout. It was a pyramid from 200 down to 50 free, but the last interval in each set was broken into a shorter sprint pyramid. Really fun, good practice for holding paces and then sprinting. I might have to start swimming on Saturdays more often.

After the swim, we got the Turtle and loaded up. Again, just a few things, one warm coat, booties, knee warmers, ect. Just in case. It was already pretty warm and Sunday was also supposed to be nice. We weren't too concerned. As we pulled into the main Arkansas Point trailhead, a few of Nick's riding buddies stopped us. It was really muddy, they said - not even worth riding. Nick just shrugged and said he'd check it out. The canyon trails tend not to get as muddy as some of the other trails. We got the Turtle parked and hooked up and headed out - Nick to ride, me to run. It was perfect weather, sunny, not super windy and warm enough for a singlet.

The trails were muddy in places, but nothing major. I did my workout, making sure to get a good mix of trails in. It was really nice to get off the road for a little and work on the footing and speed on the trails. Running fast is one thing, running fast on the trail is another. After my run, I settled down in one of the chairs to wait for Nick. He was having a blast riding - just hitting all the technical trails that I don't really like to ride. And there was little to no mud. The ground was staturated - so any additional moisture would turn everything to clay.

The plan for Sunday was about 3-4 hours of moderate paced riding, mixing the canyons with the flatter terrain. It was supposed to be about 55, partly cloudy, but still sunny at times. Well, supposed to be and really was were two different things. We woke up to 33 degrees, a biting wind and heavy, low hanging clouds. The air was damp with dew and the trails were squishy. By 10:00, things hadn't inproved any, so we bundled up and headed out. The wind was the worst. There was no hiding from the wind, even in the canyons. We rode a few climbs and drops, then headed to Outer Limits. By the time we'd finished with Oter Limits, the clouds were spitting snow. Nick's hands were freezing and we decided to call the ride after two hours. Between Nick's hands and the chance of getting very muddy if the snow really started, it was time to head back to the warmth of the Turtle.

The good news of the ride was that my knee did not hurt at all. I was really powering up some of the climbs, trying to make it hurt, but nothing. Fixing the postion of my saddle seems to have done the trick!


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