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Mar 5, 2010

My kind of Carbon!!

This was the best Valentine's day present ever. Nick is not the really romatic flower and candy kinda guy - which is good, since I don't like cut flowers (a gift of love that will soon wither and die - not for me!!) and don't need the candy. He's also not big into baubles. I can count on one hand the amount of jewlery he has bought me. Which again, is just fine - I really don't wear that much and I'm pretty picky about what I do wear. But I will always take carbon - espcially if it is in the shape of two triangles and has wheels!

I got home from work on Wendsday late. Nick was in the garage riding and said he would be up in an hour. I head upstairs, unpack my work bag and go to check my email. Nothing major happening. Look at a few places, then decide it's time to make supper. Nick is already upstairs by now and is getting ready to do some work. I'm cutting up veggies for a salad and happen to glance over at the bikes on the wall. There's something different - something I hadn't noticed when I got home. Where my Cervelo usually hangs, there is a small road bike. The Specialized Rubaix, the bike I'd been wanting for a while, but could not afford. And it's a 49 - my size. Nick is just laughing because it took me nearly two hours to notice the blinding while handlebar tape and saddle!

Keep the sparkling diamonds - I'll take the Fact 7 carbon any day!! I'm looking forward to the maiden voyage. It might be a while because there's still a lot of sand and ice on the roads and for that kind of riding, I have the dependable Tri-cross. But until then...


  1. And he doesn't even own a road bike, so yeah... He's a true keeper!