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Mar 10, 2010

Alarm clock woes

For the second day, my alarm clock did go off when it was supposed to!! Monday, I was all packed, ready to go to Masters Swim and then work. I wake up at 5:45, from the midst of a good dream. Just wide awake. Look at the clock and go "oh, crap..." I needed to get up an hour earlier so I could get to the pool and be at work on time. Turns out, the alarm I had so carefully set on my phone was actually set for Wednesday! So I ended up swimming on my own after work, which was not nearly as satisfying as a good IM day.

So this time, I double check the alarm on Tuesday - right day of the week, right time, good to go. Not! This time I half wake up and glance at the clock. 5:25. I'm supposed to be at the pool already! I actually woke Nick up to ask him if it was really 5:30. Since I didn't have to be at work so early on Wednesday, I scrambled to get stuff gathered and dashed to the pool (Figurativly - I obeyed every driving law - getting a ticket takes a lot more time!!) I made it just as they were starting the drill set before the main sets. Perfect timing. Got a little warm-up and was able to knock out the long free intervals. I just stayed a little later to finish up the distance for the day. Now I just need to figure out why my alarm has not been going off.

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