Knee pain issues

Nick and I headed down to Pueblo on Saturday to camp and ride. We were hoping that the trails in Colorado Springs would be clear, but it was still a mud fest. I knew Pueblo would be dry, so we packed up the Turtle after work and cruised down. I think the days of throwing everything in the camper and claimed a good site at 7:00 are over. There were only a few sites left at the camp ground down at Lake Pueblo. Resevations and planning ahead might be in order for the next trips down. Given that we still have snow, ice and mud on the trails here....

Anyway, the plan was to ride for three hours on Sunday, with a good mix of terrain. We were planning on leaving at 11:00, so we wouldn't have to bundle up. I woke up early, peaked out the window of the camper and saw clouds. Wet, low-hanging clouds that looked rather threatening. Since Pueblo is un-rideable when it is wet, we decided to leave early just in case the clouds closed down. We were on the trails by 9:30, riding.

Nick likes the technical canyons. I don't mind riding them and have gotten a lot better with the technical stuff, but Sunday was just an off day. I felt blah when I started and very un-motivated to do anything. On our second loop around the canyons, I was already whining. Don't know why - had made it up the climb on Rodeo and cleaned Rattlesnake without issues. I think I just didn't want to do anything and was taking it out on Nick. So we headed to Outer Limits to ride something easier. There was a new trail cut in along the cliff line, meandering through this big log pile. Really new, really rough in places. We're calling it "Wood Pile" for lack of a better name, but it was a nice trail. I had no umph on Outer Limits at all. Middle ring seemed like the best option for everything and I was not even close to being able to ride with Nick. That and my right knee was starting to hurt, just like at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. That added to my lack of enthusiasm for the ride. By the time we got back to the camper, my knee was really hurting and I was really grumpy.

After we got home, I measured my Tomac again. I had a feeling that there was something wrong with the fit because I was not having any pain issues on any of my other bikes. And the saddle had slipped. It was over a Centimeter further back then I normally ride. Given that the mountain bikes have the greatest reach of all my bikes, that really was a signifigant difference. I have a feeling that the saddle slipped after one of my two crashes at the 24 hour race and I didn't notice it. That would explain the unusual pain. Hopefully, after fixing my saddle, things will settle down a little and my knee will stop hurting.


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