No rest for the weary

What a busy few days. Monday, Nick and I slept in really late. When we finally got up, there wasn't much left of 24 HR town. A few campers and other racers packing thing up, and the races staff tearing down the timing tent. Nick and I decided that we would help clean up some of the microlitter around town. So we meandered up and the town roads, collecting zip ties, bottle caps and other trash. It was amazing and a little disgusting the people couldn't take a few minutes and look around their camps. We tried to recruit a few more helpers, but had no success. Everyone assured us that their camp was neat and they would look around on their own.

After leaving town, we did three loads of clothes at a small laundromat. Between Nick and I, we had a pile of dusty, wet cycling clothes. The older ladies at the laundromat kept giving us the once over, as if we had too many clothes. Next stop, dinner somewhere. We found a really good place on the north east side of Tucson. It also help that the waitress was able to give us some good info on a place to swim. We were planning on heading to a YMCA and parking in the lot overnight. That way Nick could shower before his interview and I could swim. Well, the Y was closed for facility renovations. We had to find another option. So we took the waitresses advice, headed to the community college and there was the rec center. Perfect. We parked in the lot, half expecting security to wake us up in the middle of the night.

After Nick's interview, we headed to a different trail to ride. One of the 24 hour staff gave us directions to the Stillwater trail head on the north east side of Tucson. This was a completely different riding then Fantasy Island. A lot rockier and a lot more climbing, not as swoopy. We have some photos riding amoung the saguaro cacti. My knee lasted about an hour before it started hurting again, but it was not as bad.


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