Out of wack in the water

I was a little surprised when I got back in the water. Normally, swimming is the easiest thing for me and I usually don’t have any problems after an layoff. Well, I got in the water on Wednesday, and I was just blah and all out of wack. I had no sense of the water or feel for my body position. I did swim once over the trip, but not for long or very fast. I was not expecting to be so discombobulated my first time back in the water. I was happy that I had decided to sleep in and skip the masters this week. No sense in stressing out getting in the yardage right after a layoff like this. Today was a little better in the water – I was able to hit better intervals and felt more at home. Still didn’t swim very long, but ah – it’s a recovery week! I’ll be back at Masters next week, although I might drop down a lane for the first few days.


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