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Feb 11, 2010

Welcome to Town

No problems getting into camp. The road was a little rutted and washboarded, but half decent. Jeff and Joan drove in just after the big rainstorm yesterday and they had some major issues with the mud. We have a nice setup this year. The turtle, the RV Jeff and Joan rented and two cars make a nice "circling the wagons" effect. Even with everyone else here, we have some privacy. I have't explored town at all, but I think we have some prime real estate for our camp. We are about two minutes walking away from the exchange tent and the expo area. It's an easy ride - much better then last year!

Today was a pretty quiet day. We got set up with the Feedback bike stand, bike rack, chairs and such. My little bikes looked so tiny compared to all the 29ers hanging on the rack! After getting organized, I ran the canned goods and money back out to the entrance station. We got in a little early and they weren't set up. I needed to run anyway, so it made sense. Nick took care of the bikes while I ran so we could head out for a pre-ride.

The trails are a little more rutted and rocky the last year. The rain washed away some dirt. After a few laps it should get a little smoother. Felt pretty good riding, even took the Option with no issues. I'm really happy about that. I'll be riding the Option on all my daytime laps this year for sure, unlike last year. The lap time was right where I want to be for a comfortable pre-ride. This should be a good weekend. Nick is feeling fast and we are both ready to ride.

Now we're sitting around the campfire with the gang, chilling out. I got some nice photos of the sunset and trail. The stars a brilliant tonight, with no lights and no moon. I also saw a shooting star, flying right through Orion.

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