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Feb 11, 2010

Heading to 24 hour town

Time to head to 24 hour town. One last hurdle for the poor, over worked turtle to achive - the dirt road into camp. That road can be a bear - washboarded, rutted and really hard on vehicles. The more people in and out, the worse it gets. Town does not officially open until noon, but I know there will already be squatters. Yes, the Wild West still thrives in Arizona, especially where finding land to live and race on comes into play.

We splurged last night. We were planning on camping at a state park so we could plug in and charge lights, phones and such. We also wanted to shower. Well, the park was full, so we were out of luck. Decided to get all the last minute food stuff and drive up the road a bit. We didn't know what we'd find, if anything. A cheap little motel sounded good. And that's what we got. Turtle parked out front, but everything is charged and the shower felt good.

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