On the road for home

This has been a fun, but very busy two weeks. We got to explore Tucson a little more, had a great race, visited Nick's parents in Phoenix, visited my sister and rode in a lot of new areas. Thursday, we headed over to McDowell Mountain Regional park, planning on camping and riding. Well, the camp ground was full, but they let us set up in the "overflow lot" - a parking lot near the trail head. I finished with setting everything up and Nick headed out for an hour hard ride.

The next morning, we went to the competitive track and rode for two hours. Unlike at the White Tanks, the competitive track was fun single track. There was some good technical stuff, some fun decents and some long climbs. We rode all of the trails at least once. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but we did not see anyone on the trails the whole day. It was perfect. My knee didn't hurt at all until the very end, which was even better. After the ride, I went for a short run, figuring that I might as well enjoy the sun. We had no clue what the weather would be like at home.

The drive home was long. We went up AZ 87, thru Payson to get the the interstate. Once we got on 40, Nick drove until Grants, NM. Then we pulled into a truck stop and buttoned up the Turtle for the night. We were hoping to ride somewere today, but no such luck. After pulling back on the the interstate, we just drove. Nick even had me drive for a little once we got onto the quiet stretch of 25 north of Las Vegas. Not by choice - there was too much snow on the ground north of Santa Fe to ride and we hit bad weather outside Walsenburg. So no camping at Pueblo and riding. So we drove straight home, unloaded everything into a huge pile on the floor and cleaned up the Turtle. Now we just have to finish unpacking and cleaning. The cats are happy to see us, that's for sure!!


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