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Feb 12, 2010

Ready to race

I think we are ready. Or at least as ready as you can be for a 24 hour race. The best we can hope is that we have what we need for any unexpected issues. Beyond that, tommorow is time to ride. And the race won't really start until midnight. There is time to work the kinks out of the system between now and then.

Nick will be doing the first two laps so I don't have to deal with the testosteone. He's better at passing and guys will be more likely to let him pass. I don't know what it is, but some guys need to just grow up. We were riding the back half of the course to check tire tire pressure. We pass three guys stopped at the side of the trail. After a few minutes, Nick looks over his shoulder and those guys are steam rolling towards us. We reach a good area and slow up so they can pass. And they have no clue what we're doing. One of the actually stops behind us! After killing themselves to bridge the gap, their pace slows way down. Way down. Except on the double track where passing is easy. Nick and I finally got around them, but really. Do you think you will never get passed by a woman? So Nick will do the first two rather then just one as originally planned. Avoid the issue when people are still fresh.

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