Slip Sliding Around

We are lucky that we have the chains Nick's Dad gave us. After stopping for the night at the Fort Union, we hit the road early. And the road was icy, thanks to a layer of freezing rain. I was still really sleepy, so went back to bed while Nick drove. I know that he pulled over frequently to scrape off the windshield. Well, after about two hours, he decided to get off the interstate. The road was a mess, trucks were throwing up all kinds of ice and road sludge. And they all wanted to drive 70, much faster then we can on a good day. So we decided to take a lower traffic detour. Only we both forgot how steep and twisty one hill on the detour was.

A third of the way up and the right rear wheel starts sliding. There is no margin for error. If we keep sliding, we end up on our side, in the ditch. Thankfully, we were able to get the chains on without too many issues. We crawled up the hill, in the middle of the road, hoping there was no one coming down. But the chains did the job.

The good news is that we missed rush hour in Albuqure. And the sun is out and there is no snow south on 25!


  1. You guys be careful! I will be thinking about you. Hope this is a good omen, and you are dealing with all weather issues right now.

    Here's hoping for sunshine and clear skies when you reach Tuscon.


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