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Feb 27, 2010

Waldo Canyon Run

We had been planning on the Pueblo run, but the trails down there were too muddy. I even stopped by the park after work to double check! After ruling out riding down in Pueblo this weekend because of trail conditions, I decided to take Tracy H up on her offer to "Run, hike, slog" the Waldo Canyon trail. I haven't been to Waldo in a number of months and it's a good trail. I wasn't sure how the trail conditions would be  - or how much running we would actually get done. I knew there would be ice, so I brought my spikes with me.

It turned out that we were able to run most of the way. It was a good thing we both had our spikes, because there was a good layer of ice underneath the snow. And where there was no ice, there was mud. The spikes have good traction even in the mud. The only part of the trail that was not runnable (or that I did not feel like running) was the part of the loop right next to the creek. There was no ice, but the snow was very deep and trampled. I didn't feel like twisting an ankle trying to run on the soft snow, so we hiked that part. Everything else was either muddy or icey or clear. But it was a good run and a really pretty day to be up in the mountains. But after being able to ride so much, having the ice and snow up here is a let down. Hopefully Pueblo will dry out soon.

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