Last night ride

I met up with the girls for the last night ride before Nick and I head to Old Pueblo last night. As usual, it was a great ride. We decided to head back to Red Rocks and take our chances there. It was a good move - there was hardly any ice and it was cold enough for the mud to freeze. So the trails were in great shape this time.

We did a different loop this time, again - more trails that I had not ridden on before. It's always strange riding on new trails for the first time in the dark. You're more focused on the trail and less on the consequences of not cleaning the obstacles. As a result, I was more willing to try riding thing then the other women. I didn't know what was around the corner! Having good lights also helps with confidence night riding and the Amoeba lights are some of the best on the market (

On one of the trails I knew, I put in a harder effort and got a small gap on the other women. We had two dogs with the group and they always run with the leader of the group. So I had both Stella and Tonka with me, running right behind me. When the other women caught up at the next intersection, Betty asked if I had the dogs with me. Yeah - I did. Well, they had all heard a noise in the brush and were hoping that it was the dogs. But it wasn't the dogs. We started asking how big the noise was - hoping is wasn't anything big. Couldn't come to a consenus - so we stuck pretty close together, just in case!


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