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Feb 1, 2010

Soup Success

Well, after wrinkling his nose up while I was making the soup last night, Nick called me at lunch to declare that he liked it. It was funny, actually. I normally make Chicken Tortilla soup, with peppers, onions, chiles and all sorts of spicy stuff. I started out the Sausage and Kale White bean soup the same way, sauteing onions in the big pan. I also had a lot of the same ingrediants out, can of tomatos, a few cans of bean, garlic, ect. So he assumed that I was making my normal soup.

I got everything in the pot simmering and started cutting up the kale. That's when he walked into the kitchen, looked at the kale and said "what is that crap you're putting in the soup? You're going to ruin it." At that point, I had to explain what I was making and why the funky looking plant was. I don't think Nick was impressed at that point. He decided to eat the pizza instead, not trusting some that some weird looking leaf could taste good. Well, after smelling the broth while I was enjoying my bowl, he decided to take some for lunch today. And now I have two different soups that I can make.

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