Ah - recovery

This has been a good week for a recovery week. I needed some time off after the 24 hour race, time that we didn’t take right away because of the riding oppertuinies in Arizona. With the cold and snowy weather we’ve had since getting home, it’s been very easy to behave. Truthfully, I haven’t had the desire to do anything hard, or long. Even when I went to CTS for one of my rides last week, I had to ask for them to load an easier course on the Computrainer! The first one just had way too many hills for my taste at the time. That indicates that sleeping and being lazy is well overdue. We’ll start ramping up the intensity and volume soon – both in riding and running. The first Xterra is just under two months away and I need to be ready.

Driving down to Pueblo for work today was a bit of a shocker. I got on 25 and everyone was passing me like crazy. After two weeks of crusing down the interstate at a sedate 55 mph, being able to actually drive the speed limit was a little odd. It took me a bit to get up to speed, literally. The Subaru felt like a sports car compared to the Turtle, and I was still getting passed by lots of other drivers.


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