You might be a noodle person...

Since I stopped focusing on Xterra, I haven't been getting up early to swim with the Masters group at CC. I've been swimming on my own at 24 hour fitness, which is really close and convenient. It also gets pretty busy at times. Sometimes lap swimmers, sometimes water aerobics types, the random person jumping into the pool from the steam room... And the noodle people. I'm not sure there's a true definition of noodle person - I think the hot tub dwellers think I'm a noodle person when doing my drills. I'm usually pretty lucky, I don't mind sharing a lane as long I don't get swum over or have to swim over anyone. I have changed my workout at times so I don't get frustrated, but still get the yards in. I've said it before, we all have a right to the pool and need to learn to share. However, sometimes, when someone gets in the water, you just know its gonna be bad, funny or both. So, here are a few definitions of a noodle person, with respect to Jeff Foxworthy, of course....

You might be a noodle person if:
- You jump in to swim laps with your deck shoes still on.
- You are swimming with sunglasses (not tinted goggles) inside.
- You touch both lane lines at the same time while doing backstroke.
- you displace more water then a whale, but without any forward movement.
- Your butterfly looks like your being attacked by a shark.
- Lap swimming means sprinting. 25, then hanging on the wall for five minutes, panting.
- you plan on teaching your buddy to swim, but you can't even put your face in the water.
- If the lap swimmers want to extend their kicking set to watch the entertainment.
- If the water aerobics gang starts laughing at you
- If triathletes can practice rough water open water swimming in your lane.
- And finally, if at any point, you are bouncing, resting or floating with a noodle.


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