Misty May Singletrack

I watched the clouds rolling in over the mountains, heavy and dark and full of moisture. By the time I left work, the mist was low over the canyon. Time to break out the winter shoes! And gloves, and Gore jacket. It wasn't super cold when I left the house, but I could feel the chill in the air. My plan was for an easy ride through Stratton, down Columbine, then back in to Stratton. That way I could avoid any mud - those trails are all ones that get awesome with rain, unlike some other areas of town. There were no cars in the parking lot and I had the trails to myself as I pedaled up the single track. Awesome - still, quiet and not another soul in sight. I took the longest way up to Gold Camp so I could enjoy the rare ride with no one else around. On Gold Camp, I met a road cyclist - man, he looked miserable! I had a big grin, winter shoes, warm gloves and was happy to be on my bike. I think he under dressed a little...

The clouds descended even lower into the canyon as I climbed to the drop into Columbine. A gentle mist enveloped the trees and rocks around me. I put on my warm coat and hat before dropping in - the air was cold and a wet cold is the worst. I was hoping Columbine would be as quiet as Stratton so I could take a few chances and have some fun. One hiker and her dog, then a mountain biker coming up. Right in the middle of one of the switchback sections! Saw no reason to be rude and got out of the way. Then I recognized the bright green helmet - Cameron cranking up the trail. At least he had gears on his bike today... He was almost around and gone before he realized it was me. No worries - I don't have an easy to recognize helmet! I cleaned all the switchbacks and blasted back into Stratton. The air was really heavy now and my coat was getting wet. But the clouds deadened the sounds of the city and the mists hid the buildings from view. I could have been off in the mountains, in some remote area instead of minutes from my home.

I think it's gonna be a cold few hours tomorrow. But it's gonna be fantastic - this nice gentle rain will bring outstanding conditions to the trails have warm clothes and toe warmers will ride!


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