Welcome Exposure Lights!!

Nick and I are pleased to announce an official light sponsor for the 2012 24 Hour season - Exposure Lights USA. We will be using the Exposure Lights for all our 24 hour races and night rides from here on out. This is an exciting partnership that will literally light up our nights!

Why Exposure Lights? Well, it's a clean system with a no fuss on/off and setting toggle switch that easy to use, even with heavy gloves. (Nick loves that, especially in the winter.) The helmet mount for the Diablo light is robust and features a simple ball joint system that makes it easy to adjust on the fly. It's also withstood a few of Nick's high speed wipeouts. The bar mounting clamp is equally durable and easy to use - and very light. The aluminum housing for the light system is both functional and elegant.

There are several models of lights, from the tiny 325 lumen Joystick to the burly 1925 lumen Six Pack that will light the trail for yards. All the lights are modeled after the same concept - the smooth aluminum tube. Each model features 2-3 settings for lumen output and burn time, allowing us to customize the amount of light we have and how long we can ride.

But the most appealing feature of the Exposure Lights is the self contained, Cable Free Design. The light is easily and quickly mounted to either bar or helmet. Bar light? Just mount the Quick Release Bracket, adjust the light and you're good to go for a few hours. No more fussing with strapping the battery down, getting the cords squared away where it's not getting tangled, then re-adjusting the light. Helmet light? Clamp the light into the featherweight Joystick Bracket, adjust without tools and off into the darkness. No need to contort yourself or find a friend to tuck the battery away. And some of the models are small enough to throw into a backpack for emergency use on an epic ride or for Bike Packing.

So look for us to be rocking the Diablo, MaXx-D and Toro lights from Exposure lights this summer and winter. Every day is a good day to ride and now night is even better!


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