RMES take 2 - Ridgeline Rampage

Oh wow. Another long race, another hot day with plenty of dust and some awesome fast racing from some speedy women. The course lived up to my expectations - fast, deceptively hard with some punchy steep climbs and false flats, loose and twisty. I didn't have time to enjoy the views this time, as the race was on from the gun. Kelli Emmett took command from the start, finishing in 4:42:22. Sonya Looney was second with a 4:55:09 and I finished third in 5:04:57. It was close for the first three laps, but I started fading a little in the heat. Overall, a good race - felt much better then at VooDoo. Nick also had a great race, taking another third in the half marathon SS class. I'll get the full race report posted later this week.


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