Busy June coming up

June hasn't even started and it's already packed full of stuff and races. I was hoping with less travel this year, I'd have more time for fun stuff, like epic rides and camping trips. It all starts early on June 1, as my mother is attempting her first 24 Hour race at 24 hours of E-rock. She's racing with Noemi from CTS in the two person division. We're loading up the turtle with all her gear and Nick will be running pit crew through the night. I'll be joining them Saturday morning to help out for the rest of the 24 hour race. I was invited to join a team, but between work and such had to decline.

Then Mom heads home and we head north. I may be invoking Murphy again, but the forecast is looking hot for the rescheduled Battle the Bear. I'm still gonna bring ALL my warm clothes this time. And I do mean all... Hopefully this time, we will get to race for the full 60 miles! I'm looking forward to throwing down some hot laps on the Bear Creek Lake Park single track.

Three days later, the first race in the Ascent Cycling Series - the local "short track on steroids" series that runs for five Wednesday nights through the summer. The racing and the temperatures are usually hot, so hopefully the Bear Creek Terrace course will be nice to me. A week later, the first trip to Palmer Park for the Ascent Series. An new venue with plenty of rocks to play on!

But before that race starts, it's getting organized for the 24 hours in the Enchanted Forest. This will be our first trip to New Mexico and our first time on the trails of Gallup. We have no idea what to expect since neither Nick nor I have ever been in the Zuni Mountain. I think it's going to be an adventure and a great race to test out the Exposure Lights.

Finally. Yes, finally, my first Xterra of the year. The weekend after our 24 hour race, its up to Wyoming for Xterra Curt Gowdy. It's the first year for this race, put on by the same crew that does Xterra Lory. I've heard some really good things about the bike course, and the trails in general at Curt Gowdy State Park. It sounds hard, a real mountain bike course. I think this will be an awesome race, even if my swimming and running have taken a back seat to my riding. I'm looking forward to the insanity, but tired just from reading the schedule!


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