Piles Peak Sports

I'm going to be splitting my time between two blogs for a while this summer. As part of the Sand Creek/Ascent Cycling series, I'll be posting some of my ramblings and race reports over on Pikes Peak Sports - the digital stomping ground for the Pikes Peak region. Generally, if it's related to the Ascent Cycling Series, I'll be writing on that site. I'll either re-post here a little later or just put up a link to the articles. It's gonna be a fun summer of mountain bike racing in Colorado Springs and I'm happy to be a part of it.

My first post is up over there - here's the link - http://www.pikespeaksports.us/profiles/blogs/counting-down-to-the-ascent-cycling-series

Enjoy the mountain biking in Colorado Sprigs the summer!


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