Last minute Mesa Verde

For Nick, at least. A friend's team had fallen apart and Nick was asked if he wanted to go. We had a great time last year, so I said if he wanted to, to go and have some fun. We've never jumped on a race team the day before a race since its usually the two of us. And we have our race schedule pretty well set at the start of the year. So it was a new experience for him. A little crazy since they changed from a two man team to a four person co-Ed team. At the end of the race, the team of Jeremy Furman, Nick, Daniel and Heather Matheny took fifth in the class. Not bad for a last minute team with one rider doing her first MTB race!

I had a nice quiet weekend of working and riding in the clouds. Awesome conditions up in the canyon and good training both days. And so quiet because of the chilly weather. Would have liked to be throwing it down with the CoEd duos, but it's hard to race without getting the training in! Or paying the bills...


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