Amoeba Lights

It's no secret that Nick and I have been using Amoeba lights for our 24 hour races and night rides for the last several years. It's a simple system - just an on/off toggle switch that's easy to find and use, even with heavy winter gloves. The light and battery are compact and weigh less then 7 ounces combined. That's light enough to mount both to the helmet, so we don't have to worry as much about the cords. The housing is pretty durable and the lights have survived high speed wipeouts and multiple tree branch attacks. The connection between the battery and the light is secure, so little chance of it coming loose mid ride. The connector is truly water proof and weathered the 2011 24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo. And the 600 lumen output and three hour burn time was comparable with heavier, more expensive set ups.

It was also nice to be able to support a local Colorado company, based just outside of Denver. Jay makes all the Amoeba lights himself and he takes pride in his work. It also means that a special set up takes no more time to deliver then the standard setup. Want a short and curly or a long and straight battery cable to get the light mounted? Not a problem. It's the excellent customer service that is one of the halmarks of the Amoeba Lights. Jay wants people using his lights out riding, not dealing with issues and is passionate about that. We are sure Amoeba lights will continue to thrive and we wish Jay the best.

But as we've gotten faster and lights brighter, it's time to move on. We will be announcing a new sponsor in the next week - and it's gonna be a great 24 Hour season.


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