Well, it's safe to say I finished Ridgeline Rampage in better shape the VooDoo Fire. I was able to help Nick in his race, handing out bottles and such. I wasn't hobbling around, unable to move from my back. Yeah, I was tired, sore and more then a little stiff. But overall, I was feeling a lot less beat up. And I felt a lot better in the days after the race. I think its due to recovery and that I was smarter about my recovery this time. I started replacing fluids, electrolytes and calories much sooner. I did a little bit of a cool down - not much since I didn't have a lot of time before Nick was gonna come through on his first lap. I was also much smarter about my activities the following day. Instead of spending three hours in the sun, I did a short, really easy road ride followed by a short swim. Yeah, I did work, but it was an easy day. Getting in the pool for that easy swim was great, especially after the ride. I was able to flush out a lot soreness from the race. It showed in my run on Tuesday - a lot smoother and more comfortable. So I'm learning some things, which is good. Recovering from an endurance mountain bike race is a lot different then from an Xterra! The better I can be about my recovery, the more I can get out of the training after the races! One more "short" one, then, then the big test...


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