When will I learn?

Yesterday's run definitely falls into the "When will I learn category." I got up early, did my bike workout at CTS and went home to get ready for work. I was planning on running in the afternoon so I could recover a little from the ride. Well, the forecast was for building clouds, wind, Arctic temperatures and snow developing later. The front was supposed to move in around 2:00. I figured they were hyping it up and were probably wrong as usual and didn't pay any attention. After my ride, the sun was shining and it was pretty warm out. So I ignored the slight clouds to the north and the feeling that I really should just go for my run then.

And all day, those clouds kept building, spreading across the horizon until finally at 1:20 it started to snow. And them kept snowing. So much for my trail run in shorts! By the time I got home at 3:00, there were already a few inches on the ground, covering a thin layer of ice. Perfect running weather! Turned out that Megan, one of the other CTS athletes also still needed to head out for a run. So we ran together in the cold and snow, watching cars sliding down hills (that they were trying to drive up) and generally enjoying the winter conditions. Much as I don't like snow, running on the fresh snow, in the middle of the storm is really awesome  cold, quiet and mostly still.


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