Lessons from Silverman - Part 7

Know When to Say "Enough"
We value finishing over anything and dread a DNF in this society. I have finished races that in hindsight, I should have pulled out and gone home. So when someone I know decides that finishing is not in the cards, for what ever reason, I have the utmost respect for them. Walking off the course is a gut wrenching choice, but sometimes the only choice. Knowing when to draw the line, when pushing any further will cause irreparable harm is a difficult skill to learn. But it is one that can benefit every part of our lives. Sometimes, walking away is a painful, difficult choice, but it is the smartest choice. Instead of condemning all DNFs, we should reflect about why that choice was made and respect it - in all aspects of life.

This is the last of the "Lessons from Silverman" posts - hope you enjoyed and learned something from my own experiences!


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